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A Miroku & Kagome FanFiction Archive, hosting monthly drabble and oneshot contests. Inuyasha fandom.

Miroku & Kagome have become the basis for some very interesting alternate pairing fanfiction in the Inuyasha fandom. Stories range from the platonic to the romantic, and can be sweet and fluffy or poignantly tragic. Since finding good Mir/Kag stories can be difficult at best, this community will serve as a fanfiction archive, linking you to stories featuring our favorite monk and miko. If you have a story recommendation you’d like to add to our collection, follow this link for simple instructions on how to do so.

Due to lack of participation, fanfic contests have been set aside as of December 2008. Instead, this community will be incorporating a series of ongoing challenges. If you're interested in looking back at past contests, this is a link to an index of the themes and entries. Here are the general guidelines for all future challenges: 

 Artists! FanArt entries must be new, specifically drawn for the challenge.
 Authors! FanFiction entries must be new, specifically written for the challenge.
All entries must involve Miroku & Kagome as the main characters. Their relationship can be either romantic or platonic, but those two must be the focus.
There is no upper word limit for any challenge, but your pieces be at least 100 words in length.
Unless otherwise stated in a challenge's guidelines, you can use the various prompts in any challenge 'set' to create individual pieces, or you can concoct a plot and write a multi-chaptered story.
Stories can be of any setting, genre, and rating. Entries with adult content will be tagged ‘hentai’.
You can post your entries to the venue of your choice (like FF, MM, PD, DA, AFF, and LJ), but you’ll need to do a post (with the link) here to have your entry recognized.
Challenges have no deadline, so you can complete them at your own pace.  
 Please take the time to check over your stories for typographical and grammatical errors before posting. Do not be offended if other members point out any small mistakes that crop up; they’re just being helpful. We’re all learning.
 When submitting an entry, please make sure that the challenge name and prompt appear on the subject line of your post. Your posting should look quite a bit like this:

          Subject Line: Title by Author [Whirlwind Romance - Tuesday]

          Title: The Name of Your Fic
          Author: Pen Name
          Theme: Which challenge/prompt inspired this fic?
          Genre: Drama, Angst, Humor, Romance, Fluff, Introspection, and so on.
          Rating: You can use any rating system: G, PG, PG13, R or K, K+, T, M, etc.
          Warnings: Use as needed for squicks and spoilers.
          Word Count: How long?
          Summary: Give us a teaser.

          (An LJ cut, or the link to your publicly posted fic)

Our Challenges
     The Whirlwind Romance Challenge
     The Spectrum Challenge 
When posting elsewhere, it would be very nice if you mentioned that your story was inspired by one of our challenges so that those who enjoy Mir/Kag fics can find us and join in on the fun!

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